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The professional diving watch since 1960


The 2002 is Squale’s professional diving watch par excellence, capable of guaranteeing water resistance to a depth of 1000 meters. Over the years, the famous case back has evolved but never changed, and today it is still the watch of choice for diving enthusiasts looking for ever more technical products.


From the 1970s, in which Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca set world records while wearing the first 2002 models, to 2016, in which Squale became the official supplier to the Italian State Police Divers Unit, the history of the 2002 watch has always been characterized by important collaborations with various working and sporting professionals during their underwater adventures.


The 2002 collection case back is equipped with a helium valve, a feature not present on the models from the same collection that was made in the 70s. This technical improvement was implemented to give greater safety to professional divers who use this watch as a work tool.


The Squale 2002 was the first professional diving watch to incorporate a bezel with the “Push to release” system. This system allows the bezel to be rotated only after having applied a light pressure, thus avoiding any accidental knocks which could cause the bezel to move and make you to lose track of the dive time. Another feature of the bezel insert is maximum legibility under water; in fact, thanks to the indexes made entirely from SuperLuminova, the graduated scale on the bezel can be clearly read at any depth

2002 Blue Red | 2002.SS.BLR

2002 Blue Red | 2002.SS.BLR

2002 Black Dots | 2002.SS.BK

2002 Black Dots | 2002.SS.BK

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