The famous Von Büren case back: Refinement in pursuit of reliability

The “1521” is the iconic collection par excellence of the Squale brand, and takes its name from the original production reference that Von Büren gave to this case back in the 1960s. To this day, it has remained faithful to the original. It was designed and built by Charles Von Büren at a time when diving watches were just beginning to appear, with its 50 atm of pressure resistance, guaranteeing peace of mind to all underwater exploration enthusiasts.


Functionality in every detail

The position of the crown at four o’clock has over the years become one of the trademarks of the Squale brand. Much more than just an aesthetic detail, it was designed in this way to avoid accidental knocks during a dive, which could cause it to become unscrewed, damaging the watch.


Maximum precision for diving safety

The one-way, 120-click non-slip ridged bezel guarantees maximum safety during diving: this allows you to adjust the time with maximum precision by aligning the triangle of the bezel to the desired minute.


Maximum visibility in extreme conditions

The minute hand is most important for a diver, as it allows you to monitor the minutes spent underwater, essential information to be able to accurately calculate decompression times during ascent. For this reason it is essential that it is easily distinguishable from the other hands due to its unique color. The choice of orange is not accidental: it is in fact the color that is best seen in low light conditions with poor visibility.


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