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Welcome • Nicholas Hooper - The Independent Collective

Welcome • Nicholas Hooper

It's a question we get asked often, What makes us T.I.C?


In today's world it's important to follow your passion, and for me, from a very young age, it has been the intricate workings of all things mechanical. This comes in many forms, watches, motorcycles, aircraft, and in later years the whisky still.

This ingrained fascination of all things mechanical was inspired by my father whom spent many years in the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) as an engineer working on the F-111C, the now retired first line of RAAF air defence. 

It was this mechanical mind and urge to get your hands dirty which was the seed of my own passions, I'd constantly pull things apart only to re-assemble them, and sometimes not, as the case may be.

Hot-wheels cars, old radios, motorbikes, old Mini's the list goes on but it wasnt until my late 20's that I discovered the wonderful world of watches and after a few detours landing where I remain today, passionate about all things mechanical in the watch industry.

The watch industry is a bit of a rabbit hole, in that once you've entered, it's hard to find your way out even if you wanted to. 

Motorbikes, like watches, have suitably found their place in this "rabbit hole" for me along with their companions "whisky" and our good friends "cigars" .

Now I'm not the first to draw this line between these usual suspects, but if you could bring these four together and do it for a living, then why not?

So I welcome you to the first of the "What makes us T.I.C?" BLOG, where our partners and friends will share with us "what makes them T.I.C" and hopefully you will find some passion in what we do in your every day.

Stay Independent,


Nick Hooper • Founder

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