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OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT • KEVIN CUREAU - The Independent Collective


It’s easy to go about your entire life without paying much attention to the chemical element of Carbon. Yet, carbon is one of the most vital elements around us and serves as the common element to all known living systems. In our human body alone, it is the second most abundant element after oxygen. Have you ever wondered why we are known as a carbon-based life form? This is why.

For us watch aficionados, we’re more familiar with handling carbon in the form of a special composite showing unique textures while adding hardness and being lightweight. Stronger AND lighter? Sign us up immediately!

Carbon is also present in another element, important for anyone wanting a bit of bling in their lives: Diamond! That’s right, under high pressure and temperature, carbon turns into diamond. How versatile right?

While watches featuring carbon in their case composition tend to be on the higher price range of the industry, SEVENFRIDAY lets anyone enjoy the properties and unique visual effect of carbon in a fun and creative package accessible to everyone whether you are a long time collector or not. 

Red Carbon or White Carbon, The Choice Is Yours

With its P3C/04 Red Carbon & P3C/07 White Carbon models, SEVENFRIDAY combines carbon fibre with touches of colour to push the visual identity of the pieces in their own directions.

 Choose the Red Carbon edition and you’ll find yourself strapping a watch with a vast racing character from the carbon fibre animation ring and bezel with red resin highlight, to the red lacquered screw-down crown.

Details are everything and the red zone on the minute track is reminiscent of the red line on your car speedometer as you rack up the RPMs. There’s a daredevil side in all of us but careful not to enter the danger zone! Luckily, if you do, the red strap made from competition-strength seat belt material will insure safety while looking badass!

If the Red Carbon displays too much heat for your liking, the White Carbon model will bring the temperature down a notch with an Arctic look and feel. The carbon bezel exhibits a white strip which complements the white lacquer crown and the sunray-brushed silver white ring dial.

The watch will again be securely strapped on your wrist with an ice white strap made of the same material found on the other model. Is it me, or is it suddenly cooler?

As with any SevenFriday watch, you can expect the unique hallmarks our customers have come to love like the NFC chip for authentication and a warranty registration with up to three years.

Whats next for the Carbon Collection?

IG Kevin Cureau

Content Producer for Phillips Watches  & Revolution 

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