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SEVENFRIDAY’s newest classic is no frills and speaks to those with a mischievous side. The M2/05’s message is clear: as the design goes back to the SEVENFRIDAY basics, so too does their statement. Who cares whether it’s stylish or just bullshit, if you like it, then you can sell it, and that’s all that matters!

Since its birth in 2012, SEVENFRIDAY has built quite a reputation as one of the more unconventional brands in the watch industry, living by its mantra ‘show me, don’t tell me’. Anyone familiar with the brand has heard this saying before, as it is ingrained at the very core of their ethos. For the release of this newest M-series model, a series launched in 2014 which takes its design inspiration from architecture and industry machinery, the brand’s philosophy remains the same, but the mantra has gained a new interpretation. ‘ACTION TALKS BULLSHIT WALKS’, is an equally effective, if not more direct, choice of words to convey the SEVENFRIDAY credo.

Be who you are, do what you believe in, and live life by your rules, no bullshit! This attitude applies to every aspect of life. Whether it’s visible through your actions, the

swagger in your walk, your career choice, or the way you dress, it sets you apart from others. The product shoot's inspiration is the fearless sense of style you come across in big, world cities where people aren’t afraid to stand out. SEVENFRIDAY plays with the juxtaposition between the traditional, classical setting and the unfittingly styled models. The product shoot’s inspiration is aimed at everyone from around the world who isn’t afraid to stand out.

The M2/05 takes inspiration from SEVENFRIDAY’s original, earliest pieces. The color composition is typical SEVENFRIDAY, with the use of gold, green, and the overall antique feel inspired by classic cars, British interiors, and lots of tweed. The M2/05 also borrows from the M2/04 aka “Whisky” released in 2022, which became a sophisticated classic in SEVENFRIDAY’s repertoire.

This new watch is adorned with an eye-catching bouchonné brass PVD animation ring that SEVENFRIDAY first designed for the Whisky off-series. The watch’s bezel is

polished stainless steel with a refilled black Berlac painting. Carrying on the warm colors and classic feel, the dial is constructed out of 7 layers, including a stone grey bouchonné hour plate expertly holed out using a CNC machine. The minute plate features a stamped pattern and the cheeky highlight engravement: ‘ACTION TALKS BULLSHIT WALKS.’ Looking down at the time has now turned into a daily reminder to cut out the bullshit. In keeping with the classic British look and feel, the M2/05 comes with a dark green calfskin leather strap decorated with tone-on-tone stitching. Furthermore, carrying on SEVENFRIDAY traditions, the case back cover artwork conceals the unique NFC chip with which owners can register and authenticate their watch.

The M2/05 will launch globally in January 2024 with only limited units available.

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