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When was the last time you were arrested? • Denis M.G Martinet - The Independent Collective

When was the last time you were arrested? • Denis M.G Martinet

Well for me it was when I stumbled across a bronze watch, one from a little-known German brand called Meistersinger, the Metris, from their obviously named Bronze Line.

Aptly Meistersinger’s logo is a musical symbol called a fermata, signifying a rest in a musical piece, from the Italian verb to stop. And boy did I stop, literally arrested in my tracks.

The dial then hits you with its deep blue, sharply in contrast with the bronze, giving it a rare elegance for such a reasonably priced watch. Strong yet classic Arabic numerals give it a retro touch without overdoing, as they remain highly legible.

Legibility is again put to the fore at 6 o’clock with a cyclope on the date, itself another elegant red numeral on a white disc.

And then you notice the piece de resistance: the red-tipped hour hand and… nothing else.


You see Meistersinger’s inspiration lies in early medieval clocks which all lacked a minute hand - If it is precise time indication you search - move away! In earlier times what was important was to signify that specific moment in one’s journey, in all its simplicity, to, as Meistersinger themselves put it, allow you to savor the moment.

This philosophy echoes wonderfully with the modern and hectic lives we mostly lead. And you can clearly say it is a timeless classic, after all one of its other inspiration is the sundial, arguably the oldest and most singular form of timekeeping. As with this ancient device, time reading on this and all others Meistersinger watches is instinctive as it is easy.


So it is then evident to use Bronze as a case material. , Well you see the Bronze age must have used sundials aplenty! There is some actual timing symmetry if anything! Whilst the brand does not disclose the exact alloy used, one can surmise, as others have done, that possibly a common copper - zinc alloy is used. This gives it high strength, in the region of 135 Vickers, its wear-resistant and strong anti-corrosion property.

 But the real value of using bronze lies in the oxidation which will alter the colour of the bronze over time, sliding gradually from a shiny sheen to a brown - greenish look. This will make your watch unique as no two will be alike. As this patina may have some dermal impact, the reverse of the case uses stainless steel , in an effort to protect your skin!

 And this Metris Bronze is only 38mm diameter - you will agree regardless of size, it does pack a punch! Enough to stop you or anyone in their tracks!

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