Hands On with The MeisterSinger Primatic

Hands On review of the 2022 release form the German brand MeisterSinger. We have the new Primatic across the desk tod...

Is this the ultimate One Hand Watch? Video review • Dale Mracek

It didn’t take long that the Unomat was released and I’m proud to have been trusted by Mad & Associates with one...

One Handed Time Video Review • Dale Mracek

Departing from our traditional blog, please enjoy a video review by Dale Mracek of MrAceK Productions

When was the last time you were arrested? • Denis M.G Martinet

Well for me it was when I stumbled across a bronze watch, one from a little-known German brand called Meistersinger,...

Time is Precious • Sam Kan

Time is precious. So are every moment. Slow down and savour the moment. Take a deep breath. Pause. Accuracy is impor...
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