Product image 1SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One - The Independent Collective
Product image 2SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One - The Independent Collective
Product image 3SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One - The Independent Collective
Product image 4SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 5SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One - The Independent Collective
Product image 6SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One - The Independent Collective
Product image 7SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 8SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 9SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 10SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 11SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 12SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 13SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 14SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 15SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One
Product image 16SEVENFRIDAY Free-D One

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The newest release challenges everything you expect from your run of the mill watch. Reminiscent of space travel in both form and feel, the FREE-D is the fantasy of any back to the future fanatic.

This product is a harmonious marriage between the long-standing traditions of horology and the present developments combined in 3D printing. With the help of HP’s modern technology, the FREE-D maximises wearing comfort: light, flexible but nonetheless resistant, its design is cutting edge, to say the least. The watch is almost entirely constructed from PA11, a sustainable polyamide. This material encases the titanium and sapphire crystal capsule with architectural precision and innovative design.

SEVENFRIDAY believes in the merging of industries and the elimination of boundaries set by closed-mindedness and tradition. In this spirit, the FREE-D is equipped with an NFC chip that bridges each watch to its own NFT collectible and certificate.

A mere 50 pieces have been produced and only available to those who were invited by SEVENFRIDAY to be custodians of the future of the brand, selling out in just moments we have been fortunate enough to secure one very special piece for you.

The FREE-D is the first of its kind and a mere glimpse of what the future holds for SEVENFRIDAY.

Delivery time approx 3weeks


  • EXOSKELETON: Advanced 3D Printed multi jet fusion made with Polyamide 11 a 100% sustainable and organic compound
  • CASE: 3 rings of Ti5 Titanium brushed finish
  • GLASS Front: Domed TV shaped Sapphire Crystal front with AR coating inside¬†
  • GLASS Back: Sapphire Crystal
  • MOVEMENT: Sellita SW300-1
  • DIAL: 3 rotating black disks to indicate Hours, Minutes & seconds
  • CROWN: 3D printed screw in
  • WR: 30ATM
  • FIXTURES: Ti5 Titanium x¬†12 torque screws
  • BUCKLE: 3D printed PA11
  • STRAP: Blue¬†Calf Leather


  • CAPSULE: 44.8mm x 45mm x 14.9mm (WxHxTH)
  • CAPSULE WITH EXOSKELETON: 52.8mm x 55.4mm x 23.7mm

The extra height is due to 2 x PA11 bumpers on the top side of the case which serve to cradle the Swiss time capsule as well as act as bumpers for protection.

We invite you to make a special one on one appointment to experience the FreeD for yourself.


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