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The One Watch Winder

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"The One" watch winder is our no fuss option for keeping your automatic timepiece wound & on time. The majority of automatic watches will have a power reserve of approximately 40hours, or just under two days. Which means if you take your watch off for the weekend it will have stopped by Monday.

Using a watch winder is a simple yet effective way to emulate a days wear and keep your automatic watch wound by rotating your watch and activating the rotor and winding mechanism. This is especially handy if you have multiple watches and switch between them during the week. A watch winder keeps your mainspring tight thus providing a much better transfer of power from the spring to the gear train resulting in stable accuracy. 

Two winding settings can be selected on the back;

1. Clockwise for 2 min, pause for 6 min, anti-clockwise for 2 min, pause for 6 (best for quick charge)

2. Clockwise for 5 min, anti-clockwise for 5 min for 3 hours then stop for 9 hours (best for long charge)


"The One" is a plug in winder, the USB and wall charger are supplied.

The outer case is constructed of recycled wood with a textured Walnut Veneer & measures H13.5cm x W13cm x D11cm which is perfect for safes, bookshelves or any where you require a small footprint.

The face plate and back plate are made of gloss plastic in black and features a Clou de Paris design giving an industrial but stylish look to your watch winder.

4 acrylic feet will keep your winder from scratching or damaging surfaces. 

Your watch is held securely in the plastic winding cradle with the snug fitting oversized memory foam watch cushion which allows for watch straps up to 30mm wide. 



  • Single watch winder
  • Walnut wood finish
  • Acrylic face plate, back plate and cradle
  • Soft memory foam cushion watch holder
  • Dimensions 13.5cm x 11cm x 13cm
  • Two settings, both bi-directional
  • USB cord included 
  • AU/NZ 5V 1A power plug included
  • Quiet motor
  • 6 months replacement warranty
  • NO fancy box, just a durable shipping carton. 


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