The Walnut Two Watch Winder

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Product image 1The Walnut Two Watch Winder - The Independent Collective
Product image 2The Walnut Two Watch Winder - The Independent Collective
Product image 3The Walnut Two Watch Winder - The Independent Collective
Product image 4The Walnut Two Watch Winder - The Independent Collective

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The Walnut Two watch winder is for those wanting to up their watch storage game & is particularly fussy when it comes to keeping your automatic timepieces wound & on time.

The majority of automatic watches will have a power reserve of approximately 40 hours, or just under two days. Which means if you take your watch off for the weekend it will have stopped by Monday.

Using a watch winder is a simple yet effective way to emulate a days wear and keep your automatic watches wound by rotating your watch and activating the rotor and winding mechanism. Our watch winders are especially handy if you have multiple watches and switch between them during the week. A watch winder keeps your watch's mainspring tight thus providing a much better transfer of power from the mainspring to the gear train resulting in stable accuracy. 

Four winding settings can be selected on the front control knob to best suit your timepieces.

  1. Clockwise for 2 min, pause for 6 min, repeat (best for quick charge)
  2. Anti-clockwise for 2 min, pause for 6 min, repeat (best for quick charge)
  3. Clockwise for 2 min, pause for 6 mins, Anti-clockwise for 2 min, pause for 6 mins then repeat the cycle (best for quick charge when you you're unsure of your watch's winding direction)
  4. Clockwise for 5 min, Anti-clockwise for 5 min, repeat cycle for 3 hours then stop for 9 hours (best for long charge)

    Our Walnut Winder is a plug in winder, the supplied USB cord is plugged directly into the supplied 5V plug, you can also use power-banks for when a powerpoint is not available. (powerbank not supplied)

    The outer case is constructed of recycled wood with a textured walnut finish & measures H18cm x W24cm x D15cm.

    The face plate and interior surfaces are vegan leather lined and back of the winder is constructed of gloss plastic in black and features a Clou de Paris design giving an industrial but stylish look to your watch winder.

    The glass door features an automatic shut off switch which will pause the winders when open to avoid damaging your precious timepieces.

    One satin brushed control knob can be found on the face controlling the winders direction setting. A switch on the back can disable one of winders so you have ultimate control over how many winders are operating at once.

    A small grey push button switch directly opposite the control knob allows you to arm or disarm the blue LED backlighting.

    4 acrylic feet will keep your winder from scratching or damaging surfaces. 

    Your watch is held securely in the grey & translucent cradle with the snug fitting oversized watch cushion which allows for watch straps up to 30mm wide. 



    • Two watch winder
    • Textured Walnut wood finish
    • Floating glass door hinged at the bottom
    • Brushed Steel Glass Panel hinge
    • Vegan Leather lined face plate, acrylic back plate and opaque cradle
    • Blue LED backlighting which can be turned on or off 
    • Soft memory foam cushion watch holders x2
    • 18x24x15cm
    • 4 gear settings
    • USB power cord included 
    • Quiet motors
    • 6 months replacement warranty.


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