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Reasons To Get Wound Up! • Kevin Cureau - The Independent Collective

Reasons To Get Wound Up! • Kevin Cureau

Reasons To Get Wound Up!

One important question collectors need to ask themselves is how to keep their automatic timepieces ticking when not being worn.

Automatic watches, aka self-winding, are so called because the kinetic energy generated by the wearer’s movements causes a rotor to spin, which in turn winds a coil providing the necessary energy to power the watch.  Stop wearing your watch and after some time, typically 40 odd hours, a period of time known as power reserve, the watch will simply stop until you use it again or wind the watch manually.

Now some people do like to have rituals and enjoy bonding with their prized timepieces by winding them manually whether they are automatic or not. For others, the most convenient solution to keep automatic watches running is to use a watch winder.

Just like a car, mechanical watches require care and attention. The case for buying a watch winder centres around the oils used inside watch movements which are essential to ensure a smooth operation. These lubricants reduce friction among the numerous movement components and prolong their longevity. Leave them static and dormant for too long and the oils will dry up and seize, potentially affecting the performance and life of watch parts and thus threatening the watchmaking grail, the accuracy of the timepiece itself!

Enter the Spin Doctor…

Designed and produced in Switzerland, the SwissKubik watch winder has for sole objective to ensure your automatic watch is kept spinning safely while not worn, allowing all those small but vital components to remain properly oiled up

The high performance motor is non-magnetic, silent and insensitive to shocks; consumption is so low that the batteries will last between up to 5 years! A unique feature is the ability to program your SwissKubik winder to meet the exact daily rotation requirements recommended by your watch brand; or simply set your own, in any direction!

Flexible and practical the SwissKubik watch winder comes in a variety of colours and materials ensuring you can always find the one that suits your watch and you!


IG Kevin Cureau

Content Producer for Phillips Watches 

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