Raketa : Since 1961

из России с любовью

The great Petrodvorets Watch Factory was founded in 1721 and has always been linked to great achievements in Russian History. For example, the Raketa brand name was created in honour of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the watch produced in the great Petrodvorets Watch factory. Instantly recognised by the DNA of 3 centuries of Russian history, Raketa earned a strong reputation with collectors worldwide.

Raketa is inspired by Russian achievements, not just any achievements, sensational achievements. The Baikonur model is designed for space travel in collaboration with Cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev.

Sensational, or as the Russians would say "сенсационный"



The highly collectable Polar watches of 1969 have achieved iconic status with collectors worldwide, Raketa look to the past to inspire the future of Russian watchmaking.

At the heart of all Raketa watches lies the beating heart of a Russian in-house mechanical movement, produced 100% in the Raketa manufacture including the hair spring, the most difficult part to produce.

Using traditional machines with no less than 242 seperate components skilfully produced by 103 specialists in the original building in Peterhof Russia. 

Proud to enter a new chapter in Russian watchmaking, explore Raketa yourself with The Independent Collective

из России с любовью  (From Russia with Love)

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